Moreland, Georgia - This tiny town of less than 500 people was Lewis Grizzard's Mayberry. Though he was not born here, he spent most of his life here, and he eventually became almost inseparable from it in his life and his stories.

Lewis Grizzard, one of the most popular and best-known Southern humorists, never forgot Moreland, and Moreland has not forgotten him. The Lewis Grizzard Museum is just a bump in the road for drivers headed down U.S. 27A about 45 minutes south of Atlanta.  It occupies half of a weathered gift-shop building, and anyone going over the 35-mph speed limit is likely to miss it.  Actually, even some folks doing under the 35-mph could miss it, too.

The museum--admission is $1.00, dropped in a large glass jar-- was a labor of love for some of Grizzard's buddies, and it offers an introduction to Grizzard's life and humor.  Dudley and Elaine Stamps have spent the last six years maintaining the museum.

Visitors can stroll around a small room full of high-school memorabilia, columns for the Atlanta newspaper where he was sports editor for a time, photographs and clothing.

He had millions of fans, but only a few have apparently discovered the museum so far.  But for those who remember and delighted in Grizzard's humor, a visit to the museum is a way to stay in touch.

To get there, take Interstate 85 South from Atlanta to exit 8, then follow U.S. 27A about four miles to Moreland. Driving from Atlanta, notice the stretch of highway that is clearly marked, The Lewis Grizzard Highway.

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